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Life Again

Love the little ones. They are so sweet and so fun. And so is the dog!

Dogs are so happy. They make me smile.
I have a black and white version of the middle photo on the Story Bird Photography blog:


Story Bird Photography

Hi everyone, I started a new blog for my photography. You can link to it here. I haven’t decided what I should do yet. Keep both blogs? Just go to one blog and leave this as a “past posts” blog? Or keep this blog for personal posts and use the other one strictly for professional business only? I have no idea, but I’ll keep you guys posted!

New blog:

Shot of Inspiration | Week 4 Treasure

I wanted to do this outside with nice brown dead grass and trees and stuff, but winter had other ideas and decided to make it really cold outside and dump four feet of snow in our city, and therefore, the park I was going to photograph at. So just imagine this photo full of foliage instead of the hardwood floor and my wall.

Have a look at what Nicki did for treasure! Her’s is super sweet.

Daily February

Hi everyone! I hope you’re not tired of my blog turning black and white because of my daily photos. I promise you I will eventually do a regular blog post like I used to. But I haven’t taken too eventful photos lately, just my daily life. Here’s another update for february:

The 10th was my brother’s birthday, but he was at work and didn’t have a party until the next day.

Here is a photo of my piano being naked after it was tuned.

This is a photo of a sheep Kyle made for me.

Sometime this week, my brother and I spent 30 minutes watching BBC talking animals. And it gave me the idea for taking photos of “Night time… DAY TIME!”

This week I helped Vj photograph their lion. I was treated to dinner, but ate too much and everything came up and outwards at night after a very painful stomach ache… Dinner was good though!

I started to paint some things for my website, but we ended up doing something else.

Trying to reach out to my abstract mind.

We went to watch a movie: The Secret World of Arrietty. It is really sweet, and the music is beautiful.

The next day, my cousins took me out to another movie: The Vow. Also a sweet movie.

The first photo of me in my Project 366!

Here is what I ended up doing for my website instead. Go take a look at

Snow flakes…

Winter has been strangely warm this year, but it’s getting cold again this week and is making some bunny cold and tired.

Tonight was my mum’s Lion Dance Troupe dinner at the temple. I got to hang out with Jimmy.


Disney World trip all planned out, Sophia turned one, I finally went swimming with Daria. February is awesome.

Week 3: Sweet | Shot of Inspiration

This is a tiny sculpture made for me by my sculptor friend, Kyle Appelt. I will try my hardest to NOT do another still-life for our next assignment. Haha.

You can see all what all the other photographers participating in this project did too, simply follow the links until you end up back here.  Next up is the Nicki Behm of McKinney Texas, with her take on this week’s theme.


The Piano Guys : Such a beautiful quote, right from the beginning. And the music that follows makes me sigh.

Back to black and white again

That day I sat in Tim Horton’s with people I don’t often sit with. It was a wonderful day.

Here is Liang Liang converted to black and white. Eventhough he was originally black and white to begin with.

The pigeons were playing with a sculpture behind the Fine Arts Building. I miss this building, and many of my friends in it.

Trying to get creative and start my own project. The palette is cleaned, and paints ready to go! However, I should really get started…

I have been going swimming a lot this week and last. I want to keep up this healthy habit! : )


Just want to share some photos I edited with Jinky Art‘s Itty Bitty Presets.

Micayla in Brunei.

Shot of Inspiration

Our SECOND assignment! Remember what we were doing two weeks ago?

This week, we were to be inspired by patterns.

I had originally wanted to do something else. With something else other than Liang Liang. But I shopped everywhere for the materials I needed for my original plan, but couldn’t find them anywhere. So I went to Plan B, which went missing, so I went to Liang Liang. The cow patterned rabbit on a cow blanket.

If you want to see everyone’s Shot of Inspiration photographs, click to Michaela and she will take you to the next person and keep clicking until you circle back to me! : ) That’s when you know you’ve seen all of our assignments from the week.

If you would like to view my Shot of Inspiration photos, I have it filed under the “Shot of Inspiration” category, so you can see what we’ve been up to every other week.